Investor Relations

Capital Expenditure

Light invested R$502.8 million in 1S16, 141.1% more than in 1S15.

The Distribution segment accounted for the largest portion of capex, totaling R$ 354.4 million, representing an increase of 0.4% compared to 1H15 mainly due to specific investments for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, in the amount of R$ 67.3 million, 141.1% above the R$ 27.9 million in 1H15.

Capex in Generation increased R$ 13.9 million due to the works of SHPP Lajes, which will enter into operation in Nov/16.

In the semester, the Company invested R$ 104.4 million in subsidiaries, of which (i) R$ 64.7 million in Norte Energia, the owner of Belo Monte HPP concession rights, which had four turbines authorized to enter into commercial operation, two in the Belo Monte site, and two in the Pimental site, totaling 1,300 MW, and (ii) R$ 40 million in Renova Energia.

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