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Light has a formal policy regarding Health and Safety of employees and outsourced workers; campaigns to disclose the Occupational Health and Safety Policy through lectures and fliers were conducted.

In its contracting program, LIGHT establishes in its contracts that all partner companies must rigorously abide by the Basic Health and Safety Guidelines. This document directly translates the Vision of how important such subjects are and how they must be handled, throughout its 120 items. Light periodically performs verifications to ensure compliance with its guidelines through audits and work front monitoring activities.

The company also has a Permanent Accident Prevention Committee (CPPA), composed by representatives of all areas and its actions apply to 100% of the workforce (direct and outsourced).

The Health and Safety subject is provided in union agreements, as follows:

Collective Bargaining

  • Rehabilitation bonus for work accident victims;
  • Sick pay/additional payments – occupational accident and disease victims;
  • Additional for sick pay;
  • Disability retirees;
  • Compensation for occupational disability or death;
  • Social and psychological assistance;
  • Periodical health exam;
  • License for hospital follow-up of dependents;
  • Permanent Accident Prevention Committee;
  • CIPA Meeting Minutes;
  • Occupational diseases;
  • Health insurance;
  • Service providers.

 Occupational health and safety policy guidelines

  • The health and safety of the workforce is Light's main value
  • Each and every preventive attitude is encouraged in companies of the Light Group
  • Managers, employees, and service providers are directly responsible for preventing work accidents, compliance with applicable laws, and adopting health and safety standards
  • Risks must be constantly identified and mitigated; accidents can and must be avoided
  • All services must be planned and conducted based on occupational health and safety criteria, ensuring the justified right to refrain from performing activities.
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