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Strategy and Sustainability

Strategy and Sustainability

Light is a company that stands out in the energy segment due to its history and commitment towards sustainability. Its purpose is to achieve satisfactory and sustainable results for its shareholders and society in general, always preserving the environment. The Company believes that optimal results can only be achieved by building a better world. This premise is reflected in all of its operating areas and represents the company's constant effort to implement best practices. Light recognizes that its brand shall only remain relevant to clients while it is relevant to the people that build it.

A Company whose strategic vision includes being a leading player in the development of Rio de Janeiro by providing quality services and innovating solutions must be active and engaged in public-private initiatives that will ensure Rio's sustainable development.

During the strategic planning process, external and internal Light environments were mapped and assessed, as well as critical elements that may directly and indirectly affect the company's businesses, but also encompassed its leading position in the development of Rio de Janeiro.

During the planning process, the main risks are analyzed and guidelines are established to mitigate the Company's exposure. Contributions and suggestions from other Light areas help reduce bottlenecks.

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