Business Impact

Light’s capitals, as well as the interactions between them, are the necessary elements so that its activities carried out throughout the year generate products and services that add value not only to the company but also to its various stakeholders.

Light’s capitals (Manufactured, Natural, Human, Intellectual, Social and Relationship, and Financial), when acting together, allow better results to be achieved and the generation of value for all of the Company’s stakeholders.

The monitoring of the Company’s performance ensures availability, quality, and accessibility of the capitals, allowing there to be adaptation capacity when facing changes to the external and/or internal environment, and the identification of new risks or opportunities, adopting the defined strategies when necessary.

To measure performance, indicators are used that may be related to the impacts within the company, such as the use of resources, training hours, and financial results, or to the surrounding impacts, such as atmospheric emissions, supply quality, and customer satisfaction.

Business Impact


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